We are now serving the Yorkton, Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg areas.

A dog run is a deterrent and can truly protect your dog from being taken from you. Dog runs can improve your canine's life. Regardless of whether all alone or a companion, a dog run leaves them alone outside and have fun since it permits them to be stimulated.

● Easy to open by people, yet gives maximum security for animals.
● Can be locked from either side of the gate.
● Spring latches have always been more positive than gravity-operated latches. The Captial Spring Latch has two springs independently operating to assure double protection.
● The Fencing Around Latch permits your gate to open both ways (in or out).

We offer high-quality Dog runs and gates. Our dog runs are made in Canada in our GTA facility, with 100% galvanized hot dip chain link fabric and tubes for enduring rust assurance. These dog runs are appropriate for all sizes of canines. These are exceptionally solid dog fences to stand cruel Canadian climate. We give proficient installation and transportation of these dog runs. All our dog runs, and gates come with wide gate/door opening to allows easy entry and safe locking mechanism.