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Woven wire fencing is the best choice for the security of livestock. Woven wire is created by vertical and horizontal wires, and the wires are knotted at their intersections. The posts are additionally positioned near one another to guarantee the greatest security. This makes airtight fencing that can keep out animals as little as bunnies and as large as horses. 
Woven wire fencing comes in numerous assortments, including different grid sizes, high tensile or non-high tensile, various gauges of wire, electrical or non-electrical, and vinyl coatings (for example UV resistors to forestall sun harm). Regardless of whether your needs are simple or complex, woven wire fencing can work for your homestead.
The Benefits of a Woven Wire Fence:● Affordable: Cost investment funds are tremendous contrasted with more traditional wood and rail fencesDurable: Woven wire fences stay solid in every environmental condition and when affected by large animals. ● Secure: Woven wire fencing utilizes little knots, which diminish the danger of harming livestock. ● Comprehensive: Woven wire fencing can be joined with different types of fencing (like electric fencing) to expand security. ●  Affordable: Cost savings are huge contrasted with more traditional wood and rail fences. ● Visibility: Keep your animals free from any danger without losing visibility of your property.